Webinar Instructions/Login

Below are links to sign in to available webinars:  (you will need the password that was previously provided to you in an email.  If you are not registered for the meeting you will be kicked out of the meeting)



To join the meeting now, click here:  Do We Need Clinical Practice Guidelines

To join the meeting now, click here: The Relationship Between Mental Health and Cancer

Login instructions to our webinars:


  1. You’ve been emailed instructions previously and within those instructions it states “To join the meeting now, click here: name of meeting” or you can go to https://web.megameeting.com/#&enableBack=true
  2. If you followed the link provided in the email “name of meeting” it will take you to a page that has a box that says “Join a Meeting”.  The meeting name will already be in the box.  You will need to type in your full name and the password.  Please keep in mind that the password is case sensitive, so you must type it exactly as is. Then select the “next” button.
  3. If you didn’t follow the link provided in the email and you went to web.megameeting.com, you will see a page that says “Welcome to Megameeting”.  You will need to select the box that says GUEST.  Then you will see a box that says “Join a Meeting”.  You will need to enter in the “Meeting Name” “Your Name” and the “Meeting Password”  the meeting name and password are case sensitive, so you must enter them exactly as they were provided to you in the email. Then select the “next” button.
  4. You will see a gray screen for a minute then a box will appear about camera and microphone access.  Please press “allow”.
  5. Once you are in the meeting you can select the red microphone to turn it on.  It will then turn green.  We will control your microphone during the actual presentation.
  6. Please be aware that if you are not registered for a webinar and you somehow access the meeting you will be kicked out of the meeting.
  7. There is also a “public chat” section, where at the bottom of the box you can type in anything you want to say.
  8. Once the meeting is over you will need to select the exit button at the top right hand corner.  This button is a circle with an x in the center.

**Please note that you must have adobe flash player on your computer to attend a webinar.  Also, you must have speakers on your computer.  The best web-browsers to use to attend the webinars are Google Crome and Mozilla Firefox.  If you are having problems it might me due to your web-browser.




You can view the meeting on your mobile device by downloading the Megameeting app. For IPAD users you can get the app through ITunes. For other devises please go to your app provider.


After downloading the app:


1. it will ask you for the DNS of the account which is web.megameeting.com then hit done

2.sign on as a guest

3.enter the name of the meeting and the password (these are case sensitive, so be sure to type them in as provided in the email)

4.a box will appear with the name of the webinar select the webinar name

5.select next at the top right hand corner on the privacy policy/license agreement page

6.to exit the meeting select webcams and exit the meeting


**If you have problems with the app, you may need to completely close the app and start again. On the IPAD you can do this by selecting the home button twice, then hold your finger on the megameeting icon.   It will begin to shake, select the minus button in the left hand corner of the icon.  This will close the app.  Then you will need to hit the home button again and go back into the app. For other mobile device users please use the instructions for your device on how to completely close an app.


If you have problems logging in please go the following link for more information Training Link for Guest or call (877-634-6342) for technical support.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (318) 443-0845.